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The "Tap Me If You Need Prayer" initiative aims to unite people through prayer.  This program focuses on two annual prayer movements - the National Day of Prayer and Cry Out America - and operates in the United States and the continent of Asia, specifically in India.

We extend a warm invitation to
join us on Wednesday, September 11, 2024, for Cry Out America.  By ordering your shirt, acquiring outreach tools, and involving your church in the initiative, you can play a crucial role in this impactful prayer movement.  Let's come together to lift our loved ones, communities, and nation in prayer.

Remember the words of Pastor Miguel Paredes,
"IT'S NOT ABOUT THE SHIRT; IT'S ABOUT OBEDIENCE!"  And let us never forget the inspiring words of James 5:16b, "The effective, fervent prayer of a righteous man avails much."

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