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Proverbs 11:14 reminds us of the significance of seeking counsel when making decisions. It teaches that with the guidance of multiple counselors, safety can be found. At Zealous Christian Ministries, consultants provide objective advice to help founders identify challenges and improve their performance, fostering a positive work culture that cultivates productivity and efficiency. Through their guidance, the organization can overcome obstacles and create an environment that promotes success. Let us never forget the power of seeking wise counsel and working together towards a common goal.



Juan Miguel Paredes is an exceptional leader whose passion for serving the community is truly inspiring. As the Senior Pastor of Zealous Christian Church, he has made a significant impact in the lives of many by establishing a global prayer outreach initiative called "Tap Me If You Need Prayer."

Pastor Miguel's extraordinary talent in utilizing different forms of media to communicate with the church is another testament to his exceptional leadership. His commitment to the work of the Lord has made a lasting impact on those around him, and his love for wildlife photography and fishing is a testament to his creative spirit.

Before joining Zealous Christian Church, Pastor Miguel worked as an Assistant Pastor at Grace Tabernacle Church for seven years, where he consistently preached, counseled, and mediated. He also established a security team that ensured the safety of the church community during worship services and other events.

Juan Miguel Paredes is an ordained pastor with over ten years of experience in the nonprofit sector. He is a certified mental health liaison, holds an Associate in Christian Ministries, and has six children ranging in age from 7 to 22. His exceptional leadership skills and commitment to the work of the Lord serve as an inspiration to many.

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