One morning Miguel was walking in the park.  God highlighted a person to him who needed prayer.  Miguel hesitated, but he was unable to resist the tug.  Miguel approached the young man and asked, “May I pray for you?”  The man replied, “Yes.”  When the prayer was done the man left skipping with joy.  That evening Miguel saw a vision where he was wearing a black shirt with white letters.  In the back of the shirt, it said, “TAP ME IF YOU NEED PRAYER.”  Once resources became available Miguel printed twelve shirts with this motto.  Miguel wears the shirts daily and everywhere he goes.  From the moment Miguel began he has been tapped over 400 times for prayer.  God continues to highlight people for him to also approach and pray for.  This simple strategy has opened an avenue of ministry outside the four walls of the church building and has also taken Miguel out of his comfort zone.

Another day Miguel was at a mall with his daughter.  He realized people were reacting to the shirt.  While in prayer with his family that night Miguel envisioned teams of people wearing shirts in different areas ready to pray for others.  After careful planning filled with prayer, Miguel and his family decided to execute the vision.  The idea was God-inspired, and all the glory goes to Him.  The Tap Me initiative allows the church body to expand its reach into their communities by simply offering the opportunity to pray.

The motto has been filed with the United States Patent and Trademark Office so it cannot be copied or reproduced. This will prevent it from becoming a fad or just another thing to do.  The focus and significance need to remain central to the idea.  Anyone and everyone who wants to be part including churches and other ministerial organizations could do so. All individual believers, and church groups in and out of Florida who join will invade the marketplace all wearing the same shirts for a designated time of public prayer to anyone who needs it.  Teams of believers can assemble at their state capital and pray for the leadership of this country. 

Miguel and Betsy believe this could become an effective tool of outreach in every church.  

Miguel and Betsy Paredes, founders of Zealous Christian Ministries, Inc. the nonprofit 501(c)(3)operating hub for the Tap Me If You Need Prayer initiative, are Hispanic from New York.  Miguel and Betsy have lived in Florida for 20 years, have been married for 23 years with 6 beautiful children.   They are ordained ministers that have actively served The Lord in different capacities.